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Dried Flowers Online in Melbourne

Need long-lasting flowers that serve multiple purposes? Check out our dried flowers online and we are sure you’ll be mesmerised by our collection. At The Bloom Room, we supply dried flowers that can be used to spruce up a room or place. Our selection consists of dried flowers in different shapes, colours and sizes for all seasons and occasions.

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Choosing fresh flowers is a good option if you are organising an event or party but no matter what, you cannot decorate your place early or else the flowers will start withering away. But when you choose dried flowers in Melbourne, you can ensure the flowers will retain their original look for long as they’re already dried.


While planning the event, you can even start with the decorations a little earlier without worrying about the freshness of the flowers. You can choose a suitable shape or size of dried flowers according to your event’s theme and venue. Another reason why dried flowers are useful is the stunning aesthetics and natural look they offer. With a unique combination of colours and small flowers, our dried flowers online make a great addition to any type of setting.


Choose The Bloom Room as your leading supplier for dried flowers in Melbourne and you’ll get everything you need according to your requirements.




From modern beauty to rustic fashion, our preserved flowers online are specially handcrafted by our florists to add charm to any place instantly. We use natural flowers and greens to create preserved flowers that retain their fresh and natural appearance for longer. They are great for decorating party venues and require no such maintenance.


Perhaps the most important advantage of preserved flowers is their longevity. Besides being versatile, they are highly durable and last longer as compared to fresh blooms. If you want to create a customised, long-lasting flower arrangement, preserved flowers are the best option.


Benefits of preserved flowers:


1. They are long-lasting

2. Requires no additional maintenance

3. No watering is needed

4. Suitable for all types of events

5. Comes in a variety of shapes and colours

6. Can be customised according to applications




At The Bloom Room, our team of expert florists create hand-made orders to cater to our customer’s unique needs for floral arrangements. We source high-quality fresh and preserved flowers and offer precise solutions across Melbourne. Our flowers and gift products undergo various quality control tests to meet the standard quality standards.


From designing dried flower centrepieces to creating gift hampers for a corporate party, we bring a collection of colours and textures to add a special touch to your theme.


If you have a special request for preserved flowers in Melbourne, we have the resources and experience to make it happen. We create tailored floral designs and arrangements that offer long-lasting results.


For further assistance, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9572 2994.