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Eight Flower Care Tips to Make Your Fresh Blooms Last Longer

A fresh flower bouquet is one of the best gifts that a person can receive.Β  Each bouquet carries a special message and love for the recipient, and can literally brighten up their day. If you have received a fresh flower arrangement and want to enjoy its loveliness and beauty for a long time, here are a few tips that can help make your flowers last for an extended period.

Tip 1 – Once you have received the floral arrangements, carefully look for slime, broken petals, brown spots on the stem, leaves and blooms and remove them if any.

Tip 2 – Before putting flowers in the water, it is important to cut a few inches off the stem as it will accelerate rapid water absorption. In fact, the stems should regularly be cut to prevent air balls that hinder water from getting absorbed.

Tip 3 – Put them into a vase filled with water. You should not remove the flowers from the water because doing so will make the flowers show off the signs of water stress.

Tips 4 – Remove the leaves found on the water surface as they could get rotten and harbour bacteria. Failing to do so will encourage the development of bacteria and diminish the lifespan of the blooms.

Tip 5 – Flowers need fresh environment, so you should replace the water regularly or once it becomes cloudy. You can fill the vases with lukewarm water as it can be quickly absorbed by the flowers.

Tip 6 – Temperature is an essential factor in extending the lifespan of flowers. So, have the flower arrangements displayed away from the sources of heat such as top of television, sunny windows, heaters, air conditions, stoves & radiators, etc.

Tips 7 – Clean the vases every time you replace the water. Scrub them with soapy water to remove any bacteria and rinse well before adding flowers.

Tips 8 – If required, you can add a flower preservative to the water to prolong the life of the flowers. Just make sure that you have followed the mixing instructions given on the packet.

Still need more tips to preserve the freshness and extend the life of your fresh flower arrangement? Simply call (03) 9572 2994 and talk to your Malvern florist at The Bloom Room today.