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Australian Native Flowers

Whether you’re trying to add value to your outdoor space, building a bouquet, or just get a hang of Australian native flowers, you’ve landed on the right page. Before you call a florist, we recommend you go through our list some stunning Australian flowers to add to your house. Sound fair enough?

1. Desert Flame
Desert flame is one of the most popular Australian native flowers with silvery grey voyage and yellow flowers. They require little to no maintenance and grow as much as 30 cm. Certainly, a must-have for your outdoor beauty.

2. Grevillea
As the name suggests, Grevillea is Australian native shrubs that come in different sizes. Want to create a privacy wall of flowers around your outdoor space? If so, these round-year flowers are the best choice for you.

3. Kangaroo paw
Kangaroo Paw is by far the most beautiful flowers on this list. It is a high-impact plan with little to no maintenance required. They look stunning when bloomed and greenish when not.

4. Canberra Bells
As the name suggests, Canberra Bells forms a shape of cream and red bell in autumn. They are known as native fuchsias and recommended as the best native shrubs for autumn.

5. Pink rock lily
Pink Rock Lily, also known as Dendrobium Kingianum, is an easy-to-grow plant that produces beautiful flowers ranging from white to pink to purple color.

6. Aussie Box
Aussie Box is a new Australian native shrub that grows to about 60 x 60 cm. It is compatible with most soil types and prefers sunlight.

7. Lilly pilly
Also called Australian cherry, this evergreen plant comes with white flowers and produces purple or red fruit. It can also be trimmed to suit your outdoor space.

8. Bottlebrushes
As the name suggests, bottlebrush flowers clearly resemble the bottle washing brush. The unique and wild arrangement of the red flowers will make it stand out in your outdoor space.

9. Silver spurflower
Silver spurflower has short silver hair and long branches and leaves of free-spreading shrubs. This native Australian flower spreads a fabulous yet lightening gleam in the backyard.

10. Australian honeysuckles
Australian honeysuckles are famous for their spikes in orange, red, and gold. This is a year-round flower and can be used to decorate your garden for an extended period. Definitely a must-have in the Australian native flowers list.

11. Pink (common) heath
Though Pink Health flower is a year-round flower, it somewhat profuse in the winter. They grow about 1 meter tall and consists of rich flower color including pink, white, and deep crimson. Make sure to plant it in full sun and drained sandy soil.

12. Chorizema
Chorizema is a winter flower that consists of pink, orange, and red followers. They’ll bloom across your garden or will climb above the bushes. They grow as much as 1.5 meters.

13. Waxflower
Waxflower grows up to 20cm-1.5 meter in height and spreads to about 1.5 meters. These flowers are star-shaped and are a combination of pink and white hue.

14. Wattle
The national flower of Australia, The Golden Wattle or Acacia Pycnantha produces attractive yellow flowers at a young age. Make sure not to plant it in soggy spots where the water stays for long after a rainfall.

15. Waratah
Waratah is one of the most beautiful flowers on this list. If you’re a flowers enthusiast, you’re already aware of its wild beauty. These blood-red flowers should definitely be added to your outdoor.